Thursday, February 12, 2009

I miss the ice

Not only because it was beautiful, but because life felt slower. Everything is flying at me at a million miles an hour right now. I question if I am ready for any of it. When the ice was here everyone was moving at a different pace. Slow, methodical.

I realize the days were the same length, and that time wasn't actually slower, but something about that deep cold made the days seem to drag on. Now that we've defrosted things seem to be flying by. Each day seems shorter. Each event seems closer. Match day, wedding, graduation, moving (most probable), new job, new people, new bills. It's head spinning. I feel like if I had more time to prepare it would all be easier. But on the other hand I'm anxious for it all to begin.

If I could arrange it perfectly things would fly by until March 20th when a new "deep freeze" would set in allowing me to catch up from what could make my head spin in a whole new way.

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